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Why Kids Should Blog

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One of the funny things about having a blog when you are just seven years old is that lots of people want to ask you about it.

A little while ago I spoke to an interviewer on the phone from The Times newspaper. Can you believe it? We talked about how long I’ve been blogging for, and also what it feels like to have a blog. She also talked to my Mum about stuff.

What happened yesterday is that a photographer from The Times newspaper came to our house and took lots of different photos because the newspaper wanted a selection. We had to do different poses and stuff, and there were some with just my Mum or me, and some of us together. He brought with him two whole bags full of camera lenses and stuff and a special brolly for the light.

It was amazing to have my picture taken because it’s the Times newspaper, right?

I’m going to get the newspaper when it is in the shop and show it to everyone in my class because they should blog to. I think children should have blogs because it’s very fun blogging and you might get famous!


  1. Hi Flea,

    I followed a link from kids blog club to here. My boys have just started their own travel blog and have been inspired by your success. keep up the great work.

  2. I just started a blog so my mom helped me find your blog to read. I like your blog. I live in the USA. I think kids should blog too.

  3. I love Your Website ive got a website of my own you know Like miss kitts

  4. Inspired by young bloggers like yourself, with help of my mum I have started my own blog too. Check it out at

  5. hi flea
    i think kids should blog too!


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