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Flea’s Favourite Reads of 2012

The name of my blog is Flea Reads because well mostly that is what I do!!

I love to read and this week after school I have been wearing my new snuggly slipper boots in front of the fire and reading my favourite books. We didn’t stay inside all week though. We were invited to Drayton Manor theme park for a Christmas day out, and we had a brilliant time! I will tell you more about that on another day!

Today, Mummy asked me to tell you about my favourite books for seven year olds like me who love to read. I LOVE!!!! to read.

I have read hundreds of books but these are some of my very favourite ones:

Flea Reads Top 10 from MAD Blog Awards on Vimeo.


  1. Flea is a natural on the video so animated on Harry Potter! Clio is totally with Flea on Matilda, the last one she read.

  2. have no books to recomend you but i would love to read all theese books
    from zara

  3. flea mum said i could be in one of your videos p.s how do you change the picture

  4. how do you change the picture

  5. 2nd Grade Class in Jakarta says:

    Hi Flea,
    Thanks for your book recommendations. You have convinced us to read Calvin and Hobbes, Harry Potter and Captain Underpants! Mark recommends ‘The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby!’.
    From: Ms. Hawley’s 2nd Grade Class in Jakarta, Indonesia

  6. I read all the Harry Poter books 🙂

  7. SuperWoman says:

    I loved your blog and your book recommendations. I think you would enjoy the “Wayside School” series by Louis Sachar. They are absurd, funny books. Year 3 love them!

  8. Dear Flea,
    We like your blog! We watched it because we are learning about persuasive writing and we are going to write book reviews. We are impressed with all the books you read. We also like the way you can say cheeeeeeeese for so long!

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