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Flea Reviews: Skylanders Giants

This Christmas I received two of the most AMAZING Christmas presents ever, an X-Box games console and Skylanders Giants.

I was so excited to have my own games console and since playing Skylanders Giants I have collected lots of Skylanders figures. The figures are my favourite thing about Skylanders Giants, because you can play with them like normal toys, but you can also play with them inside the video game on your television. I think that is very, very clever.

In Skylanders, the job of your Skylander figures is to stop the bad guy, Kaos, from finding a secret place, and you have to battle through lots of interesting chapters, each with different battles and challenges. My favourite is Pip’s level, he is a really cute little gremlin.

If you are playing a really hard game, for example on the NIGHTMARE level like I unlocked this weekend, then your Skylanders can die. But don’t worry! In Skylanders it is actually very good because you just let each character have a little rest and when you are on the next level they are ready to play again.

I have made a short video explaining all about Skylanders Giants for you. I hope you like it!




  1. Gary Flood says:

    Another sterling performance. You have so much passion for your subject, Flea!
    Well done xxx

  2. hi flea im getting an xbox for my birthday and im going to get skylanders because of that awsome video

  3. flea can you put your trip to florida on pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  4. know i love skylanders do another video on it

  5. Hi flea it is Tess from school go on skype at some point in your life you box of crasy matches
    Skype me please lots and lots and lots of crasy peas I hate peas they are like little green allian bogies why did I say that

  6. awesome stuff!

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