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Flea Reviews: Playmobil Toys


I am a Playmobil Playologist. This means I get sent Playmobil toys to test out regularly, and I get to tell the Playmobil PR people what I think of the toys I am sent.

This year, I’ve been sent some wonderful toys by Playmobil. The last thing I was sent was a pirate ship, which I like a lot. I already had a Playmobil pirate ship so now I have two and I can have battles between good and bad pirates. The pirate ships can go into the bath, but our bath is only normal sized so there isn’t room for me and two pirate ships!

Mummy says I should tell you that the pirate ships are very fiddly to put together, but once they are finished they are quite sturdy. Actually, the sails do come off when you play with them sometimes, but you can easily put them back on. My favourite part of the pirate ship is the cabin, where the captain can hide with his gold, and also the front of the ship which is like a disguise because it looks like a normal ship until you turn around the head on the bow of the ship, and then it’s a pirate skull.

Last Christmas, I helped Mummy to choose some of our favourite Playmobil toys but now I have my own blog I have chosen my favourite toys from this year, and I also made a video for you to watch where I demonstrate some of my toys. I hope that you enjoy it. Perhaps you will ask for some Playmobil toys for Christmas, too?

Playmobil from MAD Blog Awards on Vimeo.


  1. Gary Flood says:

    Just brilliant! Well done you!

  2. hi flea i really like your blog


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