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Flea Reviews: Nintendo 3DSXL and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Review

Once upon a time, I had a 3DS but it was stolen when we were burgled, with lots of other things like Mummy’s phone and my money box, which had £32 in it. We’d just counted it all ready to take to the bank the night before we were burgled!

When we were burgled, the police came to our house and they caught the burglar, which was very good but we have to wait until after the burglar goes to court until we get my DS back.

Luckily I got sent a Nintendo 3DSXL to review by Nintendo. It is red like my old DS, but it is XTRA big! I also got sent some new games like Pokemon Typing Adventure and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which I am going to review today.

I think the Nintendo 3DSXL is rather good and grooooooovy, and here are five reasons why you might like to get one for Christmas:

  • It has lots of fun games, like Batman Lego and Lego Harry Potter and Nintendogs. I love playing Nintendogs because you get to have a proper dog on your DS.
  • It also has Street Plaza which is where you can make Mii characters and choose their hair and eyes and give them names.
  • I like taking pictures on it. It has a really good camera.
  • It’s very easy for kids to play with a touch screen and a touch pad.
  • If you have wireless option turned on and you are on a train or at an airport, sometimes a new Mii appears in your DS from another kid who has a 3DS nearby. I think it’s really exciting when that happens!

Wondering if you would like a Nintendo 3DSXL for Christmas? Check out my review below:

Flea Reads Episode 5: Nintendo 3DSXL and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask from MAD Blog Awards on Vimeo.


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