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Flea Reviews: Barbour Winter Force Coat

Barbour Winter Force

How is the weather where you live?

Here it is cold and rainy and very, very wet.

So I was very happy that Barbour sent me a new winter coat to try out. It is the Winter Force waxed jacket, and costs £169 – which is a lot of money for a coat, I know!

I have been wearing this coat for a couple of weeks now and I like it a lot. It is very comfortable and warm, and when it rains I don’t get wet underneath – even when I jump in a muddy puddle. But don’t wear school shoes while you’re jumping in a puddle!!!! This coat is very good for jumping in puddles if you also wear wellingtons.

One thing to think about if you want to buy this coat is that you might need quite a big size. The coat fits me, and fits over my blazer and school uniform but I have a size 10 coat – and I’m actually eight and one of the youngest people in my class at school.

Barbour storm force coat review

I like that the coat is nice and long, so you can sit on a wall without getting a wet bottom, and the hood is lined with a soft and cosy material that feels lovely against my ears. You can pull little drawstrings round the hood to keep the wind and cold out. Because it is waxed, it is very waterproof, but it has a sort of blanket material inside that makes it really soft and snuggly. There are two outside pockets that have zips on, so your things stay dry and don’t fall out. There is also a secret inside pocket.

The sleeves turn up and look very cool, but it also means you can make them longer as you get a bit bigger, which means you can wear the coat for longer. That’s important if you are spending a lot of money, I think. Although to be honest, I usually find sleeves on coats are too long for me so these are jsut right!

Thank you very much for sending me this coat.

My Mum says it is very smart and good quality, her favourite thing is the ‘fish tail’ which means it has a long back, and she likes that there is lots of room to grow.



  1. Emma The Mini Mes and Me says:

    It looks like a lovely coat, Minxy (my 9 year old) would think it was too!

    The longer back sounds ideal for the colder weather x

  2. Yes I agree a lovely and very practical coat Flee. I think you have written a very good review.

  3. Indeed she looks adorable. What’s fab coat!

  4. That is quite a coat and most beautifully modelled. I can see why you’re both so pleased with it!

  5. hi flea that coat looks warm

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