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Flea Reviews: Asus Memo Pad

This month, I have been VERY busy with school and holidays (I went to JORDAN!!!) but one very exciting thing that I have been sent to review is the new Asus Memo Pad. Thanks very much to Asus for lending me this tablet to play with.

I have to tell you, I took the Memo Pad on holiday with me at half-term and it was brilliant.

First, you can download apps and games onto the Memo Pad. My Mum has made sure I can’t spend any money on my tablet – I can spend game money but not real money – but I still like playing games such as Jetpack Joyride, Tetris and Candy Crush. I also like being able to watch movies on my tablet. You can rent them from Google Play, and then you get a day to watch them before they expire.

The things I like about the tablet are:

  • The battery lasts all day so you can watch a whole movie without being plugged in
  • It is very small and simple to use for children
  • You can plug in headphones so I can watch movies on planes for example.

Here is my video review of the Asus Memo Pad. I hope you like it.



  1. Great review! You are a natural on camera. Looks like a top tablet.

  2. What a wonderful review, and a great blog you have.

  3. flea that was amazing what is your skype name

  4. how do you change the picture on this thing

  5. Flea i got an Xbox for my birthday please reply to

  6. Me


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