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Chill Factore is amazing and awesome!

Hello readers!

It is now the Easter Holidays and they are full of awesome like the Lego Movie, which is also awesome.

One of the most awesome places ever to go if you’re a kid is The Chill Factor-e in Manchester by the Trafford Centre, it is an indoor snow centre where you can sledge, tube, slide, ski and snowboard. It is one of my favourite places to go but it is quite expensive so we only go for special things like my birthday.

On Monday Chill Factore invited us to spend the day and I was like YES!!!!

To go inside you have to wear warm clothes, but you can borrow the boots and snow jacket if you don’t have your own. Then you can just run in and get started!

My favourite things are the tubes. You sit in a round tube and a lady at the top of the slope pushes you down. You can ask her to spin you but if you’re feeling really brave, ask for super-dooper-spins and she will make you go extremely fast, and the world spins so much you will be dizzy when you get to the bottom!

Thanks for inviting us to Chill Factore we had an awesome day! Here’s some of my adventures…



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